'Quantum Objects' Exhibition

“Quantum Objects” was an exhibition of about thirty quantum physics-inspired sculptures on display at the American Center for Physics (Washington, D.C.).

“The term quantum object, although regularly used in physics, is really an oxymoron. An ‘object’ is something that lives completely in the paradigm of classical physics: It has an independent reality in itself, it behaves deterministically, and it has definite physical properties, such as occupying a well-defined volume in space and time. For the ‘quantum object’ all those seemingly self-evident truths become false: Its reality is one that is relative to the observer, the principle of causality is violated, and other features of materiality such as clear boundaries in space and time, being objectively located or even possessing identity, do not pertain. […]”
(from Julian Voss-Andreae: Quantum Sculpture: Art Inspired by the Deeper Nature of Reality, Leonardo 44 1 (2011) pdf)

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Phillip Ball: Quantum objects on show, Nature 462 (November 26, 2009) pdf

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