Protein Sculptures: 'Villin' project

“Villin Headpiece Folding” (2011) consists of four sculptures created with faculty and students of DePauw University for the science building. The sculptures are based on frames of a protein folding simulation by Klaus Schulten’s research group.

This Emmy Award-winning video by Steven Drake features Voss-Andreae’s “Villin Headpiece Folding” (March 27, 2012):

Read more:
Straight Talk with Julian Voss-Andreae, SciArt in America (August 2013) pdf
Fusing Art and Science, DePauw University (November 1, 2011) link
Gurnon D, Voss-Andreae J, Stanley J.: Integrating Art and Science in Undergraduate Education, PLOS Biology 11 2 (2013) pdf

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