“On Art and Science. Tango of an Eternally Inseparable Duo” S. Wuppuluri and D. Wu (Eds.) Springer International Publishing. Chapter by J. Voss-Andreae and G. Weissmann (February 2019)
Paper examining the benefit of art in science education using Voss-Andreae’s “Villin” project for De Pauw University as an example. (PLOS Biology 11 2, 2013)
Sequel to the first “Protein Sculptures” article in “Leonardo” covering works 2004-2008. ( Leonardo 46 1, 2013)
Article about the quantum physics-inspired works 2004-2009. (Leonardo 44 1, 2011)
Article about the early protein-based works 2001-2004. (Leonardo 38 1, 2005)
BFA thesis paper (Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2004)
Graduate thesis in experimental physics (Freie Universität Berlin, 1999)
Research demonstrating quantum behavior for C60 buckminsterfullerenes, by sending them through a double-slit experiment. The only way to explain the resulting interference pattern in classical terms is to conclude that a single buckyball (or, more accurately, the entity that is later detected as a single buckyball) goes through two openings at once – two openings that are a hundred times farther apart than the diameter of one buckyball. (Nature 401, 1999)