Protein Sculptures: 'Angel of the West'

“Angel of the West” is inspired by the structure of the human immune system’s key molecule, the antibody. Like tiny guardian angels, legions of antibodies constantly protect us from illness and disease. The sculpture plays on the striking similarity of both proportion and function of the antibody molecule to the human body. A stylized representation of the antibody molecule is surrounded by a ring evocative of Leonardo’s Renaissance icon “Vitruvian Man” (1490). Commissioned as the signature piece for the new Florida campus of the prestigious Scripps Institute, the sculpture symbolizes the application of Western science to the art of healing.

This TV piece covers the creation of the “Angel of the West” (2008)

Read more:
Julian Voss-Andreae: Unraveling Life’s Building Blocks: Sculpture Inspired by Proteins, Leonardo 46 1 (2013) pdf
Sculptor mixes physics, art in his creation for Scripps, Sun Sentinel (March 11, 2009) pdf
New Sculpture Portraying Human Antibody as Protective Angel Installed on Scripps Florida Campus, ArtDaily (October 23, 2008) link
Julian Voss-Andreae: Proposal “Angel of the West” for The Scripps Institute (2005) pdf

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